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Getting Started Guide - Project Management
Getting Started Guide - Project Management

In this article, we will provide an introduction to Project Management in ClearPoint.

Written by Fernando Montenegro
Updated over a week ago

Project management usually takes place in the Initiative Element. It allows monitoring progress over time, establishing start and end dates, and being marked as complete when finished.

Managing projects in ClearPoint

As a best practice, Initiatives should be high-level strategic projects that can be linked to your objectives and performance measures.

This will help you understand the impact your project is having on the overall strategy.

  • From your Control Panel click on Elements

  • Select Initiatives

    • Choose the Initiative you are going to be working with

  • Initiatives can be linked to Objectives and Measures

  • Initiatives are time-bound, which means that they have a clearly defined Start and End Date.

  • Within the timeframe of the Initiative, progress can be tracked using the Percent Complete Field

Screenshot of: Within the timeframe of the Initiative, progress can be tracked using the Percent Complete Field.
  • Use the Status Indicator to determine the status of your project

  • Once the project has been successfully finished, mark the Initiative as Completed.

Milestones and Gantt Charts

Given the strategic nature of Initiatives, it is likely that the larger project will be broken down into smaller sub-steps or tasks, which we refer to in ClearPoint as Milestones.

Milestones are unique elements, they are always linked to just one Initiative but have their own detail page available with the same suite of features as Initiatives.

  • Double-click on Milestones

  • Add Milestones

  • Under Name enter your new Milestone name, for example, ‘Survey.’

  • Assign a Start date and End date

  • You can also assign a Parent Milestone

  • Click Save

Initiatives and Milestones appear in the Gantt Chart to provide a visual for the timeline and progress of the overall Initiative. The status color is reflected in the timeline bars and the Percent Complete value is shown in the shaded portion.

  • Double-click on the Progress bar

  • Change the status using the dropdown menu to reflect the status of your Initiative

  • You can also update the Start and End date

  • Change the Percent Complete

  • Mark the Initiative as Completed

  • Click on Close

  • Click on Save at the upper right-hand side of your screen

If you are on the Enterprise Plan, you can also leverage project dependencies to define the relationship between Initiative and Milestone timelines.

  • Click on the Dropdown menu next to the Pencil icon

  • Select Edit Initiative

  • Navigate to Edit Fields

  • Choose a Dependency from the Dropdown menu

  • Click Save

Project Evaluations feature

If you are on the Enterprise Plan, you also have access to the Project Evaluations Feature.

Similar to the Measure data table for Measures, enabling Project Evaluations allows you to automatically evaluate the status of your project, track quantitative data, set up calculations, and even chart your project’s performance.

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