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Visualize Your Data - Year-over-year charting
Visualize Your Data - Year-over-year charting

This article walks through how to add Year-over-year chart series.

Written by Fernando Montenegro
Updated over a week ago

You can chart last year's data and compare it to the current period by adding additional chart series to your charts. By adding year-over-year charting to your charts in ClearPoint, you can easily identify trends and patterns over time, set realistic goals and targets, identify areas for improvement, make better comparisons, and communicate your performance to stakeholders.

Year-over-year charting

  • Select Scorecards & Elements from the Control Panel

  • Choose Manage Elements

  • Open Measures

  • Select the Measure you are going to be working with, in this example, ‘Revenue’.

  • Double-click on the Chart you would like to edit

  • Navigate to the Chart Series tab

  • Click the Plus icon

  • In the Measure Series dropdown, select the series you would like the previous year series to be based on

  • Under Label, enter the name of the new Series, for example, ‘Last Year’.

  • Use Series Options to adjust the Shape, assign a Marker type, change the Color

  • Locate the Advanced Options section

  • From the Chart Series Values dropdown, select Plot periods before or after reporting period

  • For Period Offset you should type in '-12' if you are creating a year-over-year chart.

    • This will allow the new series to display the data from the previous year (12 months back) in the chart.

  • You will now see the new chart series included in the list, with a yellow Offset label

  • Click on Refresh Preview to see a preview of your changes

  • Once you are done with your changes, click Save

Note: There are many other use cases of the Period Offset feature! For example, if you would like to compare quarterly values you could set this up in the same way, except indicate -3 for the Period Offset.

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