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Visualize Your Data - Adding Plot Bands to Charts
Visualize Your Data - Adding Plot Bands to Charts

This article walks through how to add Plot Bands to Charts.

Written by Fernando Montenegro
Updated over a week ago

ClearPoint allows you to add Plot bands in the background of your chart to provide a visual display of the status of series data. For example, you could use a Plot band to highlight a target range for a specific metric or indicate a period of time during which the metric was outside of an acceptable range.

Adding Plot Bands to Charts

  • Select Scorecards & Elements from the Control Panel

  • Choose Manage Elements

  • Open Measures

  • Select the Measure you are going to be working with, in this example, ‘Revenue’.

  • Double-click on the Chart you would like to edit

  • Navigate to the Advanced Options tab

  • Mark the checkbox next to Add Plot Bands

  • Click on Add Plot Band

  • Use the Color Picker icon to select a color

  • The From field determines the minimum value for the plot band on the y-axis

  • The To field determines the maximum value on the y-axis

    • Repeat the same process to establish the necessary thresholds

  • Click on Refresh Preview to see a preview of your changes

  • Once you are done with your changes, click Save

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