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Summarize your results - Using Series Status
Summarize your results - Using Series Status

This article explains how to use the Series Status field in ClearPoint.

Written by Fernando Montenegro
Updated over a week ago

The Series Status field is helpful to assess the status of a Measure and identify areas for improvement. This feature provides key information, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Series Status field

The Series Status field is great for showing the current value of Measure series. On a Detail Page, the Series Status pod will display the value for each series for the selected period.

In a Measure Summary Report, the Series Status field can be used to show either the current period value or values over multiple periods. The field can also be used to create a heat map. Learn more about creating heat maps in this article.

  • Select Scorecards & Elements from the Control Panel

  • Choose Manage Elements

  • Open Measures

  • Select the Measure you are going to be working with, in this example, ‘Revenue’.

  • On the Measure Detail Page

  • Click on the dropdown menu next to the edit Pencil icon and select Edit Layout

  • Add Series Status from the left-hand side panel by clicking the plus icon

  • Once you are done with your changes, click Save

You can now view the status and values of the Measure's series directly on the Detail Page from the Series Status pod.

You can learn more about options for editing detail layouts in this article.

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