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Getting Started Guide - Managing Elements
Getting Started Guide - Managing Elements

This article explores the different types of elements in our scorecard.

Written by Fernando Montenegro
Updated over a week ago

There are a variety of element types that can live in a scorecard. In ClearPoint, our default element names are derived from the balanced scorecard methodology, which includes Objectives, Measures, Initiatives, Action Items, and Risks.



Objectives represent your organization's high-level goal. These objectives are often the foundation of the strategic plan and will be linked to supporting elements.

  • From your Control Panel

  • Select Elements

  • Click on Objectives

  • Choose the Objective you are going to be working on


Measures are used for tracking performance data, allowing you to track data points over time in a data table and visualize this data through charts.

Tracking measured data should help you determine whether you have achieved a linked objective, thus indicating if you are reaching your goals.


Initiatives are commonly referred to as projects, ClearPoint is great for tracking high-level strategic projects that will help you reach your larger organizational objectives.

Initiatives are typically time bound, having a start and end date, they may even have milestones for different steps you must take to finish the larger project.

Action items

Action items can be thought of as items in a To-do list, they are tasks that need to be completed.


Risks can be used to track any uncertainties or threads to your organization.

Note: Action items and Risks can be linked to other elements and renamed to match your organization's framework.

Managed Elements

You can perform different actions from Manage Elements like, Create, Edit, Duplicate, or Delete.

  • For example, you can Edit an Objective by clicking on the Pencil icon

  • Navigate to the Edit fields

  • You can assign an Owner to increase accountability

  • Set a Reporting Frequency to determine the cadence of reporting on an element whether it be Monthly, Quarterly, or even setting a custom Frequency.

You can link elements in ClearPoint to show alignment by navigating to the Links tab in any element.

  • Click on the Link tag icon

  • Choose a Scorecard

  • Select a Link type to link an element

  • Click Save

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