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Getting Started Guide - Introduction to Summary Reports
Getting Started Guide - Introduction to Summary Reports

This article provides an introduction to Summary Reports

Written by Fernando Montenegro
Updated over a week ago

Summary reports consolidate information across multiple elements, pulling the relevant fields and information associated with individual elements into one comprehensive view.

Accessing Summary Reports

In ClearPoint you can build Summary Reports for any Element type. Within the chosen Element, Summary reports can be found under Objective Reports.

  • From your Control Panel

  • Click on Scorecards & Elements

  • Select Manage Reports

  • Click on Objective Reports

Default Reports

By default every scorecard comes with a few standard Summary Reports for each Element Type, every Element has a report named, Objectives, Measures, etc.

This report lists all Elements of this scorecard, plus a few of the more important fields like Owner and Analysis. Each Element Type has alignment matrices that can be used to see the Parent-child relationship between Elements located across Scorecards. This is extremely powerful for seeing how your Strategy cascades throughout your organization.

Dashboard reports are Measure-specific reports that display all the charts from the Measures contained within the Scorecard.

  • Click on Measure Reports

  • Select Dashboard

Gantt Charts reports are Initiative-specific reports that combine each Initiative and its Milestones into one visual timeline.

  • Click on Initiative Reports

  • Select Gantt Chart

Custom Reports

  • Click on the Plus icon to create a new Custom Report

  • Under Name enter a name for your report, for example, ‘New Measure Report.’

  • Select a Report Type from the dropdown menu

  • Navigate to the Columns tab

  • Click on Add Column

  • Check the boxes next to the name to include them in the report as Columns (Measures, Analysis, Owner)

  • There are Tabs for each Element type allowing you to bring linked Elements and any of their relevant fields

  • Click the Initiatives tab (Initiatives, Percent Complete)

  • Once you have selected your fields, click Save

Note: Reorder the columns of your new report using drag and drop.

You can adjust the width of the column and you can also click on Show Advanced options for further customization

  • Reorder the columns of your new report, use drag and drop

  • You can adjust the width of the column

  • You can also click on Show Advanced options for further customization

Professional and Enterprise plans can also apply filters to reports, for example, we are going to create a Filter for status equals Below plan

  • Navigate to the Filter tab

  • Click on Add Filter

  • Choose Status from the Field dropdown menu

  • Under Comparison, select Equals

  • Select Value equals Below Plan

  • Click Save

Note: The New Measure Report will show only Measures that are Below Plan
You will also find the Analysis, Owner, and Initiative to get the Measure back on track.

Interacting with Summary Reports

  • Double-click in a Summary Report to make quick edits or updates for multiple Elements at once

  • You can also sort Reports by Column or

  • Search for keywords in the Search Bar

  • Once you are done making changes, don’t forget to Save

Export to Share Results

Once your Reports are ready, follow the next steps to share them

  • Click on the dropdown menu next to the Pencil icon

  • Select one of the following options:

    • Export to PDF, Export to Excel, or Email Page

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