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Getting Started Guide - Scorecard Reports
Getting Started Guide - Scorecard Reports

This article will serve as an introduction to Scorecard Reports.

Written by Fernando Montenegro
Updated over a week ago

A Scorecard Report is a type of dashboard that allows you to easily combine multiple reports and data onto a single page. Scorecard reports are useful for tracking progress toward goals, identifying areas that require improvement, and making informed decisions.

Scorecard Reports

Scorecard Reports become the first page the user sees when they navigate to Scorecards, they can be set as the user's homepage to improve their navigation experience.

  • From your Control Panel

  • Select Scorecards & Elements

    • Choose the Scorecard you are going to be working with

  • Click on the dropdown menu next to the Favorite icon

  • Choose Bulk Set Homepage

Manage Scorecard Reports

Each Scorecard comes with a set of default reports. Default reports can be hidden.

  • From your Control Panel

  • Select Scorecards & Elements

  • Choose Scorecard Reports

  • Click on the Pencil icon

  • Check the box next to Hide Report

  • Click Save

In the following example, we are building a Strategic Plan Welcome page, it’s common to display information such as your company’s Vision, Mission, and Values as an introduction to the strategic plan.

  • Click on the Plus icon

  • On the Layout Name field, enter the name of your Custom Scorecard, for example, ‘Home Dashboard.’

  • Click on the Plus icon to add fields from the left menu onto the layout to build your report

  • In this example we are going to choose, Mission, Vision, and Values

    • Once added, you can drag and drop them to their desired position

It is also common to display key Summary Reports in Scorecard Reports to give visitors a complete picture of your strategy. In this example, we are going to use Data Grid fields to add a Summary report to our welcome page.

Data Grids are custom fields created in Admin Options, our Getting Started video covering Admin Options will show you how to create a custom field, please visit

  • Click on the Plus icon next to Data Grid

  • Click Save

  • Double-click on Data Grid

  • Click on Select Report

  • Select the Scorecard

  • Choose the Element Type

    • Select the Report you want to add

  • Click Save

  • Click on Save at the top right-hand side of your screen

Chart Reference fields can also be created in Admin Options to add a single chart to a Scorecard Summary Report. please visit

Missing section: Chart Reference fields

Data Grids and Chart Reference fields are powerful tools for creating a visual and informative Scorecard report, they allow you to choose data from different parts of your account to view information on a single page.

Custom Scorecard Reports

Custom Scorecard Reports are great for building visual and informative landing pages for your Scorecards thanks to powerful customization fields, like Data Grids, Chart Reference fields or Custom HTML fields like Mission or Introduction.

If the perfect Summary report for a Scorecard’s landing page already exists, Scorecard Reference reports allow you to easily set that Summary report as the landing page.

  • Click on Scorecard Reports

  • Click on the arrow to the right of the Plus icon

  • Select Add Report Reference

  • Under the Report Name field, enter the name of your report, for example, ‘Heat Map.’

  • Select an Element from the dropdown menu

  • Select a Report Reference

This Scorecard Report will now automatically bring in the Reference Summary report and update it automatically as changes are made to the report or its content.

Scorecard Landing page

If you have multiple Scorecard Reports, the first Scorecard will be used as the Scorecard Landing page.

  • Click on Scorecard Reports

  • Drag and drop the Scorecard you would like to see first when you navigate to Scorecards

  • You will find the new Scorecard at the top of the list

Scorecards can be set as your Home page or other users' Homepage to help improve user navigation

  • On any Scorecard

  • Click on the dropdown menu next to the Favorite icon

  • Select Set as Home page to set the Scorecard report as your own Home page

  • If you are an Administrator, select Bulk Set Home page

    • You can set this Scorecard as the Home page for a single user or multiple users

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